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Need an expert stump grinder? We can help you by putting our knowledge and experience to work and making your property look its best. We work safe and hard and never leave a messy job-site like other companies do.  Many hundreds of our satisfied customers are testament to the quality of work we are known for.  So let us perform some great work for you!  

We can handle jobs on large parcels of land with hundreds of stumps, in situations where exposed ledge, rock or other obstructions are present, or in a residential yard with only a single stump.

Our service area spans from Falmouth to Damariscotta and from Harpswell to Augusta.  Contact us now at 207-420-2345 or by email at stumpyoldmen@gmail.com for the best stump grinding service in Maine.

Our Bandit 2650 stump grinder

About Us

Sylvester Stump Grinding is owned and operated by brothers Jes and Skip Sylvester.  We’re the entire staff and your job will always get our full attention.  Stump grinding can be tough work but that doesn’t bother us because our work ethic was passed down to us by our hard-working ancestors who have called Harpswell, Maine home since the mid-1700’s.  We love working in the Maine outdoors and making properties throughout the Mid-Coast area beautiful and enjoyable.  We’re dedicated to one thing only, satisfying our customers.

Large stump and chair Harpswell, ME

What a beautiful view, except the stump is an ugly eyesore. We transform situations like this by making the stump and roots completely disappear.

Free Estimate and Job Costs

We provide estimates at no charge.  Call or email us and we’ll set up a time that’s convenient for us to meet with you at the job site, so we can determine the scope of work. Every stump grinding job is unique, which is why we want to meet with you.  At the meeting you can identify the stumps to be ground and tell us what your plan is for the area after the stumps are removed.

The factors that affect job costs are the type, size and quantity of stumps, how deep we will grind the stumps below grade, whether the grinding of large buttress roots or exposed roots is involved, the presence of rocks or ledge, and the proximity of obstructions or buried utilities. 

At our meeting we will provide you with a verbal estimated price, then email you a detailed proposal.  Once we receive your written acceptance of the proposal, we’ll contact Dig Safe and schedule your job for completion as soon as possible.

Grinding Debris

Debris from the grinding process is a mixture of wood and soil and the mix makes a wonderful mulch for controlling weed and grass growth in gardens, planters, and walkways, etc. The volume of debris generated at your job is dependent on the species of tree stump and its size and age, as well as the depth of soil penetration made while grinding the stump and roots. Grinding debris will be consolidated and left in the area of each stump that we grind.  We do not remove grinding debris from worksites.

Whenever grinding takes place near structures or vehicles, we utilize machine-mounted curtains and portable debris containment to prevent possible damage. 

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